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Commercial car, van, lorry, and minibus cleaning in Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire

Lease Return Vehicles

Each year hundreds of businesses and private lease customers get charged penalties for minor damage on their leased vehicles. Dents, scuffs, scratches, chips, body panel repairs, leather upholstery damage and chipped windscreens are all inspected and you may receive a hefty repair bill to put right any defects.

The cost of these repairs, usually at main dealer prices, can be quite a shock if you are not expecting them.

There is a cheaper alternative

By having MAX WAX inspect your vehicle and carrying out any needed repairs before you hand the car back you could save yourself a lot of money. Most lease companies are willing to tell you what they will charge for repairs, and advise you that you are better off having the work done before returning he car, and that the repairs must be properly carried out to an acceptable standard.

If you live in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire we offer a lease return 'wear and tear' inspection service. We come to you and inspect your vehicle for any damage that you will be penalised for by the lease return inspectors. You'll receive a detailed report of your vehicle's condition, and a breakdown of costs for any repair work that needs to be done.

Free Inspection Service

There is no charge for us to come and inspect your fleet vehicles, and afterwards you'll receive a full report on each vehicle's condition. If you already know of any damage and just want it repaired to an as new condition, saving you time and money when you return your car then call us on 0330 333 6695.

Feedback from Happy Customers

  • My compliments to all your staff, who have worked hard to transform my fleet to a condition that can only be described as showroom. The results were far more than I expected. Thank you for your hard work and excellent results
    Philip Fox, Royal Mail, Arundel
  • MAX WAX are a friendly and helpful company who provide the College with an excellent and professional valeting service across the fleet
    Kevin White, Chichester College
  • MAX WAX staff were quick, professional and very thorough and I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone however hard you challenge them they come with with the goods
    Helen Walby, Recycle Scooters Limited